This Push-Button System For Dogs Helps Them Talk To Their Owner


Pet owners often wish they could talk more freely with their pets, just like communicating with other humans. And while translating your dog’s bark still isn’t possible, the Fluent Pet Connect showcased at CES 2023 comes real close.

The system consists of ‘talking buttons’ which have certain tasks such as love, outside, water or food etc. A dog can be trained to press a specific button based on the task it wants by offering the outcome as a reward and eventually, they understand that pressing the button helps inform their owner effectively. For instance, if it’s thirsty and the bowl is empty, it could keep hitting the ‘water’ button, similarly, if it wants to go for a walk it could press ‘outside’.

A speaker module at the centre would say the task out loud for the human companion to know. The newer updated version of this system now adds Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, allowing pet owners who aren’t even at home to understand what their pet needs. 

A single system can have as high as 45 ‘talking buttons’. Moreover, the system can come in handy for both dogs and cats alike. The newer system also keeps a track of what buttons are pressed by the pet and the frequency of it. 

The high-quality speaker can aid in communicating with the pet in case it’s getting restless. The new tile system has also been redesigned to withstand claws as well as is designed to discourage biting.

The full Connect system starts at a price tag of $159.95 and is expected to begin shipping by next month.

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